30+ Romantic Gift Ideas for girlfriend for Valentines Day

Giving something special on your Girlfriend’s Birthday or Valentine’s day is always the sweetest and Romantic way to express your love to her. It makes a strong bond between your hearts to cherish your life together. Especially one surprise gift would be excellent and will keep her more close to you. She would always remember that moment as one of the most significant occasions in your relationship and gives every girlfriend excitement.

Be it gifted to you or you gift someone special, these gifts of love bear your feelings and affection along with them. Given below are some unique romantic gifts, which you can give to your sweetheart. Just check out our Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriends. If you still don’t have any idea, you might get some good Gift Idea’s.

Romantic Gift Ideas for girlfriend

Romantic Gift Ideas for girlfriend for Valentines Day

1. Write her a love letter

In these times of email and instant messaging, hand-written notes seem to hark back to the Ice Age. But not so for lovers. Whether she admits it or not, your girlfriend is sure to swoon over a piece of paper expressing your feelings and written out in pen by you.

2. Send her flowers

This idea might seem rather conventional and hardly likely to surprise your girlfriend, but the trick lies in the timing. Send your beloved her favorite blooms when she is least expecting it, like on an ordinary weekday or a busy working day when a birthday or a special occasion like Valentine’s Day is nowhere in sight.

3. Dedicate a song to her

One of the most excellent ways to let your partner know that you have been thinking of her is by dedicating a song to her on her favorite radio music show. This gesture of love will not only catch your girlfriend off guard but melt her heart on hearing the song that has been requested to play for her by her lover.

4. A girl’s best friend

You can never go wrong with diamonds, and for all those guys who cannot be bothered to cook dinner or plan a vacation for their girlfriends, jewelry works out just fine.

5. Cook her dinner

Inviting your girlfriend to home and serving food is a romantic way to express, especially your candlelight dinner is awesome. The event gets more exciting if she also joins you to prepare things and make a beautiful night together.

6. Give her a girl’s night.

Your sweetheart loves spending time with you; there’s no doubt about that. Many women get so involved with their men; they forget to head out with their friends from time to time. Set aside some time for her to hang out with her closest buds, and they will spend most of the night dishing about how thoughtful a guy you are.

7. Dedicate a Song to Her on Radio

Again, this seems too outdated to do, and probably that is why it would work. If the song happens to be one of her favorites that she hasn’t heard in a long

8. Will You Marry Me?

This is for the ones who are still waiting to pop the question. Elation is what you will see on her face as soon as you utter these magical four words. Keeping the romance alive is not so difficult when you keep the excitement on in a relationship. The element of surprise is essential to keep the flame lit always!

9. Show-up at her Workplace

That’s a surprise as good as any. The hectic proceedings of the day have started to get to her, and you landing out of nowhere will cheer her up.

10. Go Shopping

This should be a no-brainer. The word shopping has intriguing effects on women. And unlike other days when you make faces hearing this word

11. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

What better start to her day than you cooking her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed. Some flowers accompanying the food tray will further the pleasant quotient in the surprise a few notches higher


This works with anybody and everybody. Sit with her and recall the day when you had gone on your first date, celebrated your first Valentine’s Day, and had to lie to someone to meet each other.

13. Photo Album

Gather up all the sweet photos of you two and put them all in a photo album to give her. Have the last page have a special message from you saying, “The days I have spent with you have been the best days of my life. I can’t wait to add to this photo album for the rest of my life” Leave several of the pages blank to symbolize all of the future memories you want to make with her.

14. A dress for naughtiness

If you don’t have many plans to go out and celebrate this day at home, this is an excellent option. At home, you can be a little romantic and naughty. Be right back. You can gift her a dress that will make her hot and which will make the room full of romantic vibes.

15. Heart shaped box with chocolates

You can find this kind of gift in any local shop around your place or see it from online gift sites. These are an especially decorated heart-shaped box full of chocolates. It can be quite a romantic gift for her.

16. A love game

If you want to have an excellent romantic time with her on her birthday, then gift her some love game. There are many games available for you, making you engage with your partner in a love game. “Fifty days of play adult” and “Lovopoly game” are two well-known games I found in online gift shops.

Romantic Gift Ideas for girlfriend

  • A heart-shaped pendant: Make an everlasting impression by getting a heart-shaped charm for her
  • A heartfelt message: Get her flooded with emotions by putting your feelings in your words.
  • Photo album: An album with close pictures of you both would be a lovely romantic gift for your Anniversary.
  • Chocolates and red roses: Chocolates and red roses compliment every occasion. They signify the true love you have for her.
  • A beautiful poem: You may not be a poet, but the last thing you can do is dedicate a romantic poem for her.
  • A romantic dinner: The beautiful ambiance of a candle-lit dinner makes your partner feel the real emotions you have for her.

How do you feel now? Our Romantic Gift Ideas for your girlfriend is for you to get more inspiration, and still, there are lots more you can do, Prepare a night all about her favorite things to show her how much you know about her. Prepare her favorite meal on her favorite colored dishes. Follow up with snuggling on the couch and enjoying her favorite movie. Or, take her to her favorite restaurant followed by her favorite activity (instead, go to a club to dance or go shopping at the mall). Custom the entire night for your special lady.

Everything is up to you; you have to choose what suits best for you, so best of luck 🙂