40+ Lovingyou Messages And Quotes

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Lovingyou Messages

Lovingyou Messages


Sweetheart, you’ve changed my whole life from good to better and made it more beautiful than ever before. Much love baby

When I met you, I found real and true love, and I want to stay madly, deeply, and completely in love with you. I love you beyond words.

Loving you is something I can not stop doing considering how far we have come. You are loved, no matter what happens. Trust me, honey, I cherish you a lot!

Loving you brought life to en empty heart where nothing grew, where aimlessness reigned supreme.

Explaining the reason why I love you is just like trying to explain the test of water. Trust me, sweetheart, I love you the most

I never knew that loving you would change me so much for the better. Because of you, I enjoy life to the fullest, and I am full of vitality and happiness.

Baby love, the world sees it as I’m insane, and that’s true, because, but I’m madly and deeply in love with you. I love you beyond the stars. Much love!

loving you is something sweet to me lovingyou

I am so grateful to have found you, so happy for loving you, my dearest.

Loving you is something I can not really explain with ordinary words. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you

Loving you is something sweet to me. You mean the whole world to me, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you

Loving you is like the long-awaited rain in the driest desert. It brings forth life, hope, and joy where the only desolation existed before.

I just want to let you know baby. If all it takes to see you wear your beautiful smile every day is always to cherish and love you, then I’m loving you forever.

Loving you is the best decision of my life. God bless the day you came into my life. I trust you and love you as well. God will keep you for me

Loving you is the one feeling I will never want to forget or to lose.

To love you is like nothing else in my life. I now share my life with you and I never want to let go.

Each time I remember that you are in my life, I just keep smiling for no reason, that is to show how much I love you from my inner heart.

The best thing that has happened to me is to love you, unconditionally. I will forever be your honey. Kisses from the depth of my heart

lovingyou is something i cannot really explain
lovingyou messages

My one and only true love, I am so grateful to have found you, so happy for loving you, my dearest. I love you till my last days on earth. You are just one of a kind

Just as the diamond, your kind is indeed rare and hard to come by, and I want you to know that I’m loving you till the end of life. Your love is endless

I have been thinking about how my life would have looked like if I didn’t fall for you. You took my pains away, sweet. I love you

If love is a crime, I don’t care to go to jail just for the sake of our love. I love you, dearest, I hope we end up together!

Lover, you’re always in my heart right where you belong, and I’m loving you so much more than words can describe. I love you beyond the stars.

Loving you is the most precious feeling in the world, a sensation of total bliss that grows wings every day, enveloping my being in calm contentment and appreciation.

Sweetie, I can without a shadow of a doubt say that loving you is the best feeling in the world.

I feel in love with you imperfect. Now I am loving the person I am growing into. You made me a better person, sweetheart. I love you

My love, I just want to let you know that I can simply walk a thousand miles just to show how much I love and cherish you. You are just the best

My love thought of you warm my heart, just like the blanket warms the body during the winter. I will be yours for life

Loving you Quotes

Loving you Quotes

There were times when seeing her smile made my day, and keeping her happy is my life.

There is this feeling lingering in my chest ever since the first moment that our hands touched.

I often wish that someday I would be able to impart all of my love for you and make you happy.

I loved him, every little thing about him, each flaw, his dimples, and everything in between.

If there was one thing I could do, I would pour out all of these feelings in my heart to you.

I did not know that loving someone so much could result in self-destruction on my part.

Ever since I had started loving someone, everything in my life feels so happy and bright.

I wish you could hear what my heart is telling you, Don’t go. I love you. Please just stay.

And I get all warm inside whenever I am with you, and I know that this love is really true.

Loving you is the best thing that I had ever done in my life, the only right thing I had done.


Loving him is like being the air itself. He knows I am there, but it seems that he cannot see me.

There are moments that I wished I never fell in love with someone. Then maybe I would still be.

If loving you was so wrong, then I would rather be wrong than right anymore.

I was not sure if he loved me back, but I truly love him with all my heart, and that is enough.

Loving someone is to want that person to look at you all the time, every single day.

Love is never easy, it will break you apart, but if you love me, then I would go through all that.

Love is looking out for someone and always being there for that person no matter what.

If only loving you was that easy, I would have done so from the start, but it certainly is not.

It was the way her eyes mesmerized me in a way only she could have ever done, that I love her.

Loving someone means that you devote yourself to that person, every fiber of your soul.

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